Sharing my mourning journey as my family learns to live a new normal after the death of my 19 y.o. son in an auto accident on 10/12/08.

Guest Writer

My latest post, “Letter To the College of My Son’s Choice,” is featured today in the NY Times Motherlode column. Thanks to Lisa Belkin for allowing my writing further reach.



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  1. This was an amazing piece. As a former college admissions officer, I actually would think about that as I read those essays–that college life wouldn’t always be kind to these kids, these budding adults, these amazing people, through no faults or bad choices of their own, or through faults and bad choices…and I really did wish each and every one of them well as they went wherever the universe took them. I wish I would be able to make their experiences all invigorating and relevant and if not happy, at least instructive, but you are right, you just have to trust that it will happen that way.
    Thank you for this, again. I am sorry for your loss, and I wish your son the very best in his own college experiences.

  2. Jackie, I am so proud of this for you! You are a wonderful writer, as I say often (not often enough, maybe) and look at the gift Jordan has given you. He speaks and lives through your beautiful words. I am always so sorry that he is not here with you physically, but he could never, ever be forgotten. Big hugs.

  3. Dear Jackie,
    Came here after reading your post on the MotherLode. And went back into your archives reading – it’s way late out here now and I am transfixed with the power of your writing and what you are sharing. My heart and prayers go out to you and yours. Please know that Jordan has touched hearts here in India. Good luck to Merrick, we wish him much luck and joy in college. And the girls in their middle school years.

    Please keep writing, you help others and I hope you get a lot of support from your online community. Hugs!

  4. p.sunshine said:

    Dear Jackie,
    Read your new york times piece (beautiful), and am so inspired by what an absolutely gorgeous loving mom you are–it’s clear through the photos of all four of your children that they have been and continue to be so deeply loved, that they know kindness through and through and radiate that to others with the most gentle ease. What a gift you (and your husband) have given to the world. I can’t imagine the sadness you are feeling. Please know your courage to share your sorrow has inspired me today–hundreds of miles away, on a quiet snowy day. May blessings abound for you and your family. Wishing you much love, and joy in the days ahead, and always. Thank you! Love xoxox

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